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John Crawley has just released his thirteenth novel, the story of Clare de Fontroy and her life’s struggles from the daughter of a slave up to and including becoming a major voice in American literature and a fighter for human rights.

It’s here. John Crawley’s thirteenth novel: Letters from Paris.

"Crawley’s protagonist comes alive through her own words, as if not needing the author’s help at all."

Some people grow up with silver spoons firmly planted in their mouths. But others have to teethe on life and its misfortunes. Meet Clare de Fontroy, poet, journalist, underground warrior, civil rights activist, mother, lover and most assuredly, no owner of a silver spoon. She is a woman who has witnessed history being carved out of daily lives of ordinary people, as well as those of the rich and famous. Her letters from Paris comprise and narrative about America’s past, as well as its future.


She was a product of the backward, rural south, leftover from the ravages of the Civil War. Yet, she grew into a literary force rubbing elbows with Fitzgerald, Dos Passo, Hemmingway, Stein and others in her days in Paris, as well as fighting the Nazis and her own frailness, only to return home to face many of the same evils in her America she had just fought so bravely on the shores of Europe. Clare de Fontroy is an American icon. A woman. A warrior with word, with pen and with soul. A mother. A fighter at every turn, not backing down from anyone, except herself.

Clare de Fontroy’s life exudes bravery. It is an example of unwavering commitment to a cause and to TRUTH. She was not to be crossed.

"Letters from Paris captures the turbulence between the first and second World Wars from the perspective of a black woman hiding under the disguise of a white, male journalist. Her journey is captured by her own pen as she communicates with friends and foes alike."